The prototype of the enduringly popular Teardrop trailer was designed and built in America in the 1930s by Louis Rogers of Pasadena, California, for his honeymoon. His plans were later published in a 1939 issue of Homecraft magazine, and versions also appeared in the September 1947 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. By the 1930s a number of holiday caravan sites had been set up. They were basic, with small toilet blocks, usually no road and little grass cutting either! In bad weather, cars got stuck in the mud and sites looked decidedly shabby. Some Old Cars, Caravans, Tear Drops and Mobile Homes What could be more iconically Australian than an FJ Holden pulling a cutely rounded 1950s wooden caravan? This 1955 FJ and 1950s caravan nick-named “Driftwood” belong to Bob and Yvonne K, who have quite a collection of Australiana plus a few other vintage caravans scattered around their .... So, for starters, here are the scans for the late 1930s Royal caravan, produced by the Airlite Trailer Co. Ltd. of Coventry, England. Click on any of these thumbnails to see a larger view: The front page of this caravan leaflet shows an idyllic country scene, with a V8 Ford towing an Airlite Royal, curiously down the wrong side of the road ....

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