1 product ratings - NEW 2021 PowerTIG 255EXT GTAW-P 250AMP ACDC TIG ADVANCE PULSE WELDER by EVERLAST. $2,199.00. Was: $2,499.00. $25.00 shipping. 55 sold.. "/>

Another popular model is the Everlast 230i MIG welder from Everlast Power Products Inc. The Everlast MIG welder has a well-rounded set of features that any welder would highly appreciate. While it does sound like a great package, it also comes with a huge downside: its price. This model is sold by the manufacturer for USD 1039.00. 7 Best Multi Process Welder Reviews 1. You can also weld aluminum, though with stick welding option only, as this machine operates only with DC voltage. In all, this is a great welder for the yard or garage projects, as well as portable welding repair and professional shop work. Portable Design The Everlast PowerArc 160STH comes in a small, lightweight design.

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