Jun 28, 2010 · one, replaced the Vernatherm, checked the oil cooler lines, all with no. luck. Temps stay 1-3 needle marks above 180 degrees which is 1-3 needle. marks above where it should be at 180. Temps have stayed put at 180 degrees. in the summer for the past 15 years (through 2 different engines), unless it. was 95 degrees plus outside.. . Aircraft (aviation) – In the aviation sector, it is essential that aircraft hydraulic oil is reliable as it is used for aviation control systems, aircraft hangar doors, ... Those conditions can range from being required to operate in low temperatures (winter hydraulic oil), high temperatures and a variety of others. The contents of hydraulic oil. May 11, 2020 · Visser explains that the peak oil temperature in a normally aspirated engine is typically 50˚ higher than the temperature of the oil in the sump, the location of the sensor. He says the typical “green band” on an oil temperature gauge ranges from 120˚ to 245˚..

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