Over a period of time, updates and deletes on objects within a tablespace can create pockets of empty space that individually are not large enough to be reused for new data. This type of empty space is referred to as fragmented free space. Reclaim Space from Table Segment Reclaim Space from Index Segment Reclaim Space from LOB Segment Reclaim Space from Datafile. Space within the flash recovery area is managed by the database. If there is not enough space to complete an operation obsolete, backed up or redundant files are In Oracle 10g the BACKUP command has been extended to allow it to initiate backups of image copies in addition to backupsets. 2020. 1. 2. · Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service - Version N/A and later Information in this document applies to any platform. Purpose. This note provides the steps to identify and reclaim wasted space (fragmented space) from different Segment (Table, Index and LOB) introduced by row deletion, moving or dropping tables, etc .. Details.

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