This guide is for wiring and programming the 1.5kW/2.2KW Air Cooled or water-cooled Spindle while using the HuanYang or Follin VFD. This guide sets the Spindle control to be via the panel on the VFD. Please note it is possible to control the Spindle through software via some CNC Controllers, however, we do not support this configuration. Search: Huanyang Vfd Wiring. 5kw spindle This is a quick start for setting up the Huanyang VFD The ground wire should be connected in the manner shown in Image 8 For testing, I routed 220V 1 phase line power to the VFD and the 3 phase output from the VFD to the motor 5kw spindle on a cnc4newbie 1000x1000mm CNC I said in I have come to conclusion that most of the problems. Restoration and documentation of custom-built 4x4' CNC router at Twin Cities Maker hackerspace (aka the Hack Factory) in Minneapolis, MN. - tc-maker-4x4-router/Huanyang HY02D223B VFD manual.pdf at master · jasonwebb/tc-maker-4x4-router.

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