If in the market for SN3 you might look for a second hand SN2, often available half of new. Agree with others, a Sugden may be a better match for Proac. anyway Naim and Sugden do sound very different. Maybe add a few more amps to your list, Roksan Blak , PMC Cor, Rega Aethos, Heed Lagrange for example. No idea what source in use, but crap signal. Picked up a Nait XS as sounded pretty good for an integrated and the the option of using a Hicap type power supply or using it as a pre or power amp meant lots a of options. to use a hicap type power supply the naim wiring shows the usual 5pin to power supply 4pin back to amp. all my power supplies are power only avondale style so separate. Roksan - since 1985. The K3 series comprises some of the finest sounding and most stylish audio products available. With Roksan 's long experience in audio research and development and their meticulous approach to design using advanced technology, the K3.

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