Contact Our Team - 24/7 Support. +1 800 522 6752. Live Chat. See Support Details. • Spade connector sizes 22 and 30 to fit standardised three-pin moulded coils: - size 22, EN 175301-803, industry standard form B (11 mm), for coil types CM5, CM22, C22A, EMX and BMX - size 30, ISO 4400 / EN 175301-803. headless display emulator software bus to. The spade terminals below are available in 22-18, 16-14, and 12-10 gauge sizes and each insulated spade connector is color-coded to industry standards. Spade terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire to a screw or stud-type electrical connection. The shape of the spade connector resembles a fork, making it easy to.

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